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Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...Image via CrunchBase - the high quality Links Directory for webmasters.There is a free listing and a paid listing. Also you can opt for a Featured Listing which will Show a Snapshot of your site.To Find out more About SubmitlinksFree go to the site.
In my Personal Opinion I have got noting from a free submission there is no record in my analytics of a refferal link from them. Allthough this may not be "the best blog every made" And I would Not Reccomend Paying for anything that says it will promote my blog.They only way to do this is work on content and get in touch with Related Blogs Which can be Difficult if you are like me and have Mixed Content. The Best to get Traffic is Manual Submission and Promoting your blog anywhere you can.Paid Submission Will be Ignored By Google Most of the time.And the Question you must ask youself is when Paid Submission Works are you just paying for it or are you gaining from it ?.What good is 1000000 Visitors When none of them Buy anything.
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