Getting The Right Advise

Something that tells me exactly what I must Do.And it will work for me 100%. I often hear People advising me about what I should do just because it worked from them, It Does not mean it will work for everyone.When Searching the Internet for answers. Whatever it is there is alway some Blog or Site that will try to convince you, That they have the answer and All you have to do is buy some Stupid EBook or join a site and read a few emails from them or get more crappy EBooks.This is and Example How to improve your life gave me a total of 762,000,000 results. Now,how do i know which of those Are for me.Take this blog for Example if you Scroll to the bottom you will see this post again and it's the same on all posts on this blog. I can fix it but i will have to revert to Classic Template Loosing my Gadgets and i like my Gadgets.I could Search for answers on how to fix it but where.I know what the mistake is but i cannot find where the line is in the Html i wonder how many Pages i have to Look through to find exactly what i must do.

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