Problems Inserting The Yahoo Verify Key Into Blogspot Tempalte

When you have a problem Inserting The Yahoo Verify Key from "site explorer" In a Blogspot Template this is how you fix it.Here is an image of the Message "Your Template Could not be parsed as it is not well formated".This can Be annoying and here is how to fix this Yahoo meta tag

All You have to do is Insert instead of
META name="y_key" content="your Yahoo I.d" >

Put in "/" so it looks like this
META name="y_key" content="Your Yahoo id"/ >

This Will Solve the Yahoo Verify Key Problem in Blogspot Just Click on the Images For Better Details

Another Great blogspot Tweak can be found here where you can learn to
Add different meta tags to each blogger pageBlog for Software Development and Testing

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  1. Thanks bud, so simple yet so useful!