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Sometimes you just don't know what you are missing out on. Just Register for a "Free "iPOD".

I just got an E-mail that I could get an "iPOD for Free" did I read the offer? The Answer is Yes, Like I read all of Them.I see a Splash Page that looks the same as the rest of them built by the same splash page maker all offering you something free.A few Pictures here a few Videos there, And some people saying how great this offer is.The best offer most of them could give is a "Free external hard drive" so you could store all these Free E-Books on them. I have a habbit of singing up to these offers.Not because of the Free Stuff and Free Downloads. No it is just because I like reading these Free E-Books.

I use them as "an alternative source of humor".Most of them contain good advice the advice is to Sell E-Books online and Make Money.But the problem is trying to remember what you have learned form these Strange sources of Information.Because most of them are just trying to sell you another E-Book.And when you buy one it will ask you to buy more.Just think if I gave you a free E-Book and you gave 2 of your friends this E-Book and so on the 5th level that would be 2048 copies if my calculations are correct.Now just say an average E-Book Contains 50 pages in A-4 format and you get according to this Answer on Yahoo.Which says 8335 sheets to print that out you would need 12.28 Trees.So what would happen if Everyone Printed E-Books ?.

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