Comments Won't work on Blogspot/Blogger

With this Simple Explanation I will show you how to fix commenting Problems with a Blogspot/Blogger Template

I noticed that Nobody could comment on my Blog because the Comments tab was not there.Even though I uploaded a Free template which I also use on another Blog.I had went into settings and changed the settings many times and Saved then refreshed the Page but Still no Comments Tab.How I solved this was simply a matter of going to Layout/Edit Html/ and Clicking Revert Widget templates to default Click on the image below for more info.

Now the comments work I have can now get comments but I have to Moderate them because people are not commenting About this post.


  1. Howdy! how are you today? daily visit ~! thank you I hope you visit my site back...some new are there! Take it Easy... Joergi from Berlin

  2. Vielen dank fur dem kommantar joergi jetz ken ich das es functionerieed.