Where to Find the Answers

*Finding Answers On line
We all like to think we are experts but we are not.We are just learning like Everyone else but maybe we have learned a little more than someone else.this is also a thing worth writing about when we are in the process of learning.Take computers for example there are so many experts out there but also there are so many who claim to know noting at all.

*Who knows What ?
When Searching the Internet we come across many experts all telling you how to make your computer run like new.Some of these use very technical methods like custom registry entries some of them work but to Most Computer Users the registry is a no go area.If you don't know this then you will not experiment with it and see it as a trick site.The other problem is if we don't know we can fall for the promotional guide saying all you have to do is download a program and that's it just pay and no more computer problems.

*The Average User
Most people turn on their Computer and surf the Internet,write E-mails and Letters and maybe play around with photo shop,watch movies or Download music
to them that is enough.There is only a small percentage in between that like to do more but they are lost.How can they be lost,Well they know how to do many more things than normal users but can't get into Geek country.This meaning many people know way too much or noting at all about computers as it seems.

*Advise from the Experts
The experts forget that the average user has not done this before and he writes out a post containing all the details but he does not Show.It is very simple for him because he knows and he thinks everyone else should remember all these details

*The Problems taking advice from the experts
If you were to meet Micheal Dell or Bill gates Tomorrow Do you think this will benefit your Business.It would make your company look good having a photo in your office of you and Micheal Dell but would he be able to give a small business advice.I doubt it these are one in a billion people that's why they could not really give you advice.This is because they got into the market at the correct time and now they have gotten so big they maybe don't even know what a small business is.They are Good Role Models but you can't go by them.We have to find people in a little higher level than us to grow because if we try to go by people that are further advanced in our niche we will get lost.

*Where to Start finding Answers
Look to the places that you find easy and informative for information.There are many Fact writers who put all the information there but it's too complex for some and for the others they will argue with them.Many site are written for the Internet,which makes it hard to understand.Did you ever have a problem with your computer and the search says the solution is in a forum.Now getting answers from forums is not very easy the have post rules and so on.Another thing is the answers are only based on one example and it may no be the solution in your case.

*How to Get Better Answers
Get yourself a Google account if you don't have one why you may ask because with a Google account you can eliminate answers from future search results.This is very useful because you will often see the same results coming up and they are not what you are looking for at all.One example is the Expert Exchange they have they answer and are top of the list,All you have to do is pay.Another thing to try is using Answerly an organic Search engine or Advanced Search this Way many Commercial Results will Disappear.Well Commercial results can be problem because If you search for O2 you get a Telecom Company on page 1.


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