Should I Buy an Amazon Kindle or Sony Ebook Reader or None of them

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Since I am a Blogger and Have to Download new Information on a Daily Basis in Pdf Format but most of the Time I find it Hard to Read on My Computer Screen I have been Looking at the Sony Ebook Readers as Something that I was thinking of Purchasing.But then there is the Amazon Kindle which May Not Be Fully Supported in Ireland. Because of this and antd a Tweet from David Rinsley I will just Write some of the Reasons I would Like to Buy an Ebook Reader.

1* It's hard to Read Ebooks on a Computer
2* They would be Ideal when Traveling in the Train or On a Bus.
3* A Laptop is Mostly too Large ton use in these Situaations
4* They are Compact
5* I do not get very long out of my Laptop Battery anyway
6* It would fit in My Pocket
7* Are they Expencive I don't think so Because I would Save on many Books as there are Lots of Free Downloads for the Sony Ebook Reader
8* I would look at the Book as a Book and would be More Comfortable Reading it .
9* Would Kindle DX work out of the US

What do you Think of Ebook Readers and which one would you Purchase or do you Think they are Too Expencive and Not Worth Buying untill a Less expencive Alternative Comes out on the Market

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