Write all your Blog Content on Monday

I read an Email Today about Writing Lots of content on Monday So that For the Whole Week you Will Have Not to Think About Content for your Blog and you Can Work on Other Things but As I Read this Today I will Have to Wait until Next Week To Try it Out Properly. I guess this is Thinking of Blogging As a Job. Because in a Normal Job you May Have Different tasks for Different Days and if you Were To Say I am Only Going to Write on Monday if May Become Easier to Write 20 Blog Posts in One Day than 10 in a Week.

Another Advantage I See to it is that you Can Spend the Rest of the Week Commenting and Looking for Related topics in Online Communities and Link Building because the Publishing of a Blog Post is Only The Start of The Work Most of the Time and you Still have to Get the News about Your Blog Post Beyond your Blog Subscribers.

So in Principal you Could Write 5 Blog Posts on Monday and them Spent Tuesday to Thursday Commenting and in Related Forums and Communities and Maybe the Rest of the Week Researching and Reading Other Blogs.But would this Help your Blog or Not I think it Could Because if Writing is What you do on Monday then Every Monday will become Easier or Course it Does not Have to Be Monday it Could Be just the Day of the Week you Feel Like Writing the Most.I know there are days of the Week that I think I can Write Better that the Others and if I just Kept Writing on this Day I will Write More Content because my Writing will Be More Flowing.

What do you think about this Idea Could it Work you Can Also Have a Second Day that you Write a Little More content but if you Just Got into the Habbit Writing One Day a Week would it not be Better than just Publishing Most Days of the Week.
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