Defining the Word Facebook Friend as a Blogger

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On Facebook many Friend Requests are made but how many of them are your Friends on Facebook when you add them as a friend on Facebook. Many Internet Marketers will add you as a friend and are just looking to spam you. Then there are people that you add as friends and never have any conversation or interaction with. These can also be People who just make you a friend just so they can watch what you are doing sometimes old school collages will make you a friend even though they did not bother to talk to you when you were in school. Also nosy neighbors and family will ask you to be a friend on Facebook so they can watch you.

So what is a friend on facebook then ?. I find that facebook friends will tell you things that others may notice like spelling mistakes in your blog posts. Or send messages that a product could be good to promote on my blogs because of it's relation to blog topics. So how do you define a Facebook friend and are you just one of those people chaching after the 5000 friends limit on Facebook ?

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